The Civic Association of St. Alžběta Uherská organizes the eighth annual photography competition and exhibition This Planet 16. This year we would like to progress as to the significance of this event once again a bit further. As usual, the exhibition takes place in the church of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, which was built in the late 19th century in the village Prosečné. It is a village on the Czech border and the church follows the fate of local inhabitants. At present, our association is attempting to rescue this cultural monument.

All profits from this year’s competition will be donated to endowment fund Krtek. This fund is dedicated to helping children who underwent oncological treatment. Another event that helps to raise funds for Krtek is called 1000 Miles For One Goal about which you can read more on our website.

The exhibition will be supported by other additional events. During the exhibition concerts will also take place on the church premises and the exhibition will consequently be on display in numerous other locations.

Activities and goals

The project consists of several parts. The main one is the photography exhibition and competition in which members of humanitarian missions of Czech non-profit institutions as well as young independent travellers can participate. 

The point of view of professional aid workers creates a contrast with amateur photos and in previous years it shown the “ordinary human life” in many interesting perspectives.
The basic point of the event is an exhibition in the church of St. Elizabeth of Hungary in Prosečné. The very fate of this church, which is located in the so-called Sudetenland directly materializes the consequences of severing the ties and human destinies by irresponsible attitude of the political establishment.

The project pursues two main objectives:

  • to support children who underwent oncological treatment and the Krtek endowment fund

  • to promote the activities of Czech humanitarian organizations not only in the traditional centres of cultural events

  • to revive cultural life in small villages of the region and to prove that it can be done by village’s own power

Photographic Competition – propositions

  • The competition is opened for both classic and digital photography, there is no age limit, but only for amateurs.

  • The declared theme for the year 2016: Our Planet – Our Home. This time with emphasis on the relationship between human being and the rest of the world, influencing the environment and ecology. Nevertheless, we are also open to wider concept. Cultures all over the world and the relationship between these cultures on our planet, including the Czech one.

  • Photos can be on any kind of film and they will have proportions of 24 x 30 cm or standard 30 x 40 cm. Photos taken with a digital camera must be free of computer editing and have minimal size that is required to meet the quality requirements of the above formats.

  • Print and develompent of the prictures is free of charge!!! Provided by the organizers. Materials for the print must be sent before the deadline, which is 31st May 2016, either electronically or sent on some kind of media on following address:



286 01 ČÁSLAV


  • The number of photos per participant of the competition is 6 max.

  • Each photo (file/coverage) should be accompanied by the author’s own commentary. Format: MS Word format, max 10 lines, font Times New Roman, size 12.

  • Contestants provide the organiser with a non-exclusive license to use the photos to promote the competition itself and the organizer. Contestants agree with publication of the submitted photographs in either print or electronic form without any claim to fee, not only in publications issued by the civic association of St. A.U. but also in other advertising media. The license to use photos is provided without the time and territorial restrictions with the right to grant sublicense.

  • Contestants agree with the auction sale of photographs during the time of exhibition.

The proceeds from the auction sale of photographs will be donated to support endowment fund Krtek. Out of the submitted photographs 60 best pictures will be selected, which will be part of the competition and will be exhibited and offered for sale in the online auction.

The evaluation of the competition will be held during the exhibition in Prosečné with the help of ballot papers. The winner will be chosen by the visitors of the exhibition.

The first three places will be awarded a token amount of money: 1. place – 2000 CZK, 2. place – 1000 CZK and 3. place – 500 CZK

All participants will receive a 2017 calendar with the best pictures of the competition.

Accompanying programs

  • A charitable concert during the opening of the exhibition.

  • Announcement of the results of our dogtrekking competition